miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Lista de Critpmonedas en Poloniex

Lista de Criptomonedas que se pueden negociar en Poloniex

AMP Synereo AMP www.synereo.com

BCN Bytecoin  https://bytecoin.org/

BCY BitCrystals  http://bitcrystals.com/

BELA Belacoin   http://belacoin.org/

BITS Bitstar

BLK BlackCoin   http://www.blackcoin.co/

BTCD BitcoinDark http://bitcoindark.com/

BTS BitShares  https://bitshares.org/

CLAM CLAMS  http://clamcoin.org/

CURE Curecoin  http://curecoin.net/

DGB DigiByte  http://www.digibyte.co/

DOGE Dogecoin  http://dogecoin.com/

ETC Ethereum Classic  https://ethereumclassic.github.io/

FLDC FoldingCoin http://www.foldingcoin.net/

FLO Florincoin  http://www.florincoin.org/

GAME GameCredits http://gamecredits.com/

HUC Huntercoin http://huntercoin.org/

IOC IO Digital Currency  http://iocoin.io/

LBC LBRY Credits  https://lbry.io/

LSK Lisk  https://lisk.io/

LTC Litecoin https://litecoin.com/

MAID MaidSafeCoin  http://maidsafe.net/

MYR Myriadcoin  http://myriadcoin.org/

NAUT Nautiluscoin http://www.nautiluscoin.com/

NEOS Neoscoin  http://www.neoscoin.com/

NMC Namecoin http://namecoin.info/

PINK Pinkcoin http://pinkcoin.ca/

QBK Qibuck 

QORA Qora http://qora.org/

RIC Riecoin http://riecoin.org/

SJCX Storjcoin X http://storj.io/

STEEM STEEM https://steem.io/

SYS Syscoin http://syscoin.org/

UNITY SuperNET http://supernet.org/

USDT Tether USD https://tether.to/

VIA Viacoin http://viacoin.org/

VTC Vertcoin http://vertcoin.org/

XCP Counterparty http://counterparty.io/

XPM Primecoin http://primecoin.io/

XRP Ripple https://ripple.com/

ZEC Zcash  https://z.cash/

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